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THON Nation



THON Nation allows supporters of THON to host their own fundraisers! THON Nation fundraisers allow the host to credit any organization they’d like. Hosting a THON Nation fundraiser can look anyway you like, giving the host room to get creative! While THON Nation gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you’d like with setting up your fundraiser, THON has created several resource guides filled with fundraiser ideas. THON Nation also gives you the freedom to host a fundraiser in whatever capacity makes you feel safest. Virtual and in-person fundraisers are both possible ways to host a THON Nation event.


If you are interested in hosting a THON Nation fundraiser or want more information about what a THON Nation fundraiser could look like, feel free to send any questions to our Donor & Alumni Relations Chair, Shelby Sellars at sms9902@gmail.com.!

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